Proposals for a piece of work at the Redoubt.

Working Title “A Celebration of the Aviators”.
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The work would consist of twelve aluminium sheets probably 500mm square painted yellow and black with automotive spray paint, then laquered. Another possibility is to have red and black on one side and green and black on the other. Either way, the chevron motif would be painted on both front and back of said sheets. The work is designed to be seen – certainly from both sides, and in the round, depending on how  the framework is fabricated.

The sheets would be displayed, either hung from, or bolted to, a simple box section welded framework. The form would vary depending upon where the work would be sited.e.g. work could follow the radius of the Redoubt’s inner or outer wall. The framework would then be fabricated to follow this radius – or perhaps follow the incline of a hill area within the fort.    This would need to be discussed in good time depending on the decided siting. The sheets could be hung in such a way as to describe a spiral within an open cylindrical frame. If the sheets were hung, cables, very similar to bi-plane wing bracing, would be used. The framework would not just be a means of hanging the sheets, but would be an integral part of the work. The framework base would be additionally weighted using sand bags – even today, objects that have some poignancy. The finish should render the work weatherproof.

Additional information: For many years R.A.F. training aircraft were painted bright yellow. In the 1980s it was established that black had much better visibility against most sky colours. Red and green would refer to port and starboard navigation lights used on aircraft and ships.

I foresee changes as the work progresses, but feel that the spirit of the proposal will be retained i.e.the relationship between the art work, the sea, fort and sky. It should remain a celebration for the aviators.